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  • Deux étoiles MICHELIN : une cuisine d’exception. Vaut le détour ! Les meilleurs produits magnifiés par le savoir-faire et l’inspiration d’un chef de talent, qui signe, avec son équipe, des assiettes subtiles et percutantes, parfois très originales.

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Dining at Ryan Ratino's daring offshoot of sister restaurant Bresca, which sits just above, is an intimate experience replete with surprises. Akin to stumbling into a gem off the beaten path, this space is abuzz, and the highly technical cooking is exemplary.
The staff glide about seamlessly delivering dishes that are bold and beautiful. The meal is awe inspiring from start to finish, as in a rye tart with crème fraîche and zucchini, or bluefin tuna mingled with maitake mushrooms and black truffles. However, the heart of this menu is its top-shelf ingredients, perhaps a sliver of melting Spanish turbot in caviar-almond sauce or dry-aged pork on a bed of soft leeks. Rohan duck may be familiar, but soars to new heights with a decadent sauce Royale.
- Les inspecteurs du guide MICHELIN


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